Cosbro Magazine

Sep 04

Cosbro Tip #116

If you have wibbly wobbly timey wimey powers, DON’T FUCK IT UP. Here’s looking at you bro.

Jul 19

Cosbro Tip #115

If your friend comes out to you about something important like their sexual or romantic preferences? And you need a minute to process it, let them know. Leaving them hanging without a response is just a shitty thing to do.

Jul 15

Anonymous said: hey auntie bro, do you have any tips on how to keep it wild and fun in the bedroom for ace people? we dont wanna touch weiners

Well, if you want to have a rocking time rocking the bed without getting some head I’m going to have to suggest tickle fights.

Jul 12

Cosbro Tip #114

Upon gaining access to the booty be sure to thank the cutie.

May 21

Cosbro Tip #113

When your partner gets mad at you offer apologies in the form of a smuppet belt buckle. Everyone wants a smuppet belt buckle.

Cosbro Tip #112

When you see a fine piece of ass, respect it. That’s not just a fine piece of ass, that’s a person with thoughts and feelings like your own. Basically, don’t be an inconsiderate douche-waffle.

Apr 14

Cosbro Tip #111

Don’t go crying to your mama. Go crying to your brother, because he’ll give you a good ass kicking and to be honest you probably really needed it for one reason or another.

Cosbro Tip #110

When it’s your little brother’s best friend’s birthday be sure to send them 413 smuppets in congratulations.

Mar 17


Who’s it gonna be, who’s going to be follower 150? Who’s gonna be our Mewtwo?

Mar 16

Cosbro Tip #109

Take a deep breath.